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Interview with Berthold Gambrel

Welcome, Berthold! He was the third person to respond to my speculative fiction interview post, and I’m thrilled to share his answers with you today.  What was the first speculative story you ever remember reading? A children’s adaptation of a science fiction story called “The Legion of Space.” The original story (which I’ve never read) is… Read More

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Lessons I Learned from a Book Character

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews. I’m not really sure what to write for the introduction to this post, so I’ll keep it short and simple. The lessons I’ve learned from book characters are in bold. Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover Learned from: many different books over the years. I’ve read some dull… Read More

My Review of Bipasha Basu’s Unleash 30 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and this post is in no way intended to provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before beginning this or any other type of workout routine.  I’m reviewing this workout simply because I enjoyed it and think some of you might, too. I’m not being… Read More

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Books I Love That Became Films or TV Shows

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews. I recently did a Top Ten Tuesday post on a similar topic, so it’s going to be interesting to see how many other shows I can come up with. My best guess is that the first two items on my list will be on everyone else’s lists, too! Lord… Read More

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Places to Read

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl This week’s prompt was “Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch.” I was hopelessly stumped by it, so I decided to do one of the first Top Ten Tuesday prompts instead. This one is from almost a decade ago, long before I had any clue that Top Ten… Read More

What to Read If You Liked The Walking Dead

Since the first post in this series was about a book published almost forty years ago, I thought the second post should feature something more contemporary from the speculative fiction genre. I try not to make assumptions about what my followers already know about any book or graphic novel I blog about, so I’ll summarize… Read More

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite TV Shows and Why

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews. I wish this prompt had happened in January or July! I tend to watch lots of TV when the weather is freezing or unbearably hot. Spring and fall are when I cut back on shows and spend more time socializing with friends and visiting the great outdoors to soak… Read More