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Top Ten Tuesday: Literary Cookbooks That Make Me Hungry

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl I’ve written several posts about books that make me hungry, so I narrowed down this week’s topic to make it more of a challenge. Here are ten literary cookbooks that make me hungry. 1. An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery by Chris-Rachael Oseland 2. Drink Me: Curious… Read More

5 Homeschooling Tips From a Homeschooler

I recently read that there has been a surge of families interested in homeschooling thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. As someone who was homeschooled for several years, I have some tips to share for anyone who is planning to or thinking about homeschooling their kids this year. Before we dive into the meat of this… Read More

Do Your Reading Habits Fluctuate By Season?

My reading habits have followed a pretty predictable pattern for years now. Summer In early summer, I spend too much time outside enjoying the comfortable weather to read much. This period of time doesn’t last long, so I’d generally rather go hiking or do other outdoor activities that will soon become uncomfortable when the first… Read More

House of Secrets: A Review of The Others

The Others is a 2001 gothic paranormal suspense film written, directed, and scored by Alejandro Amenábar about a woman named Grace who was raising her two young children alone in a crumbling, old mansion in Jersey while her husband was away fighting in World War II. After all of her servants mysteriously disappeared, she slowly… Read More

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Movie Quotes (and Why)

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews. Click here to read everyone else’s replies to this week’s question and here to see the full list of topics for the year. I narrowed down this week’s topic to movie quotes only.   “Just keep swimming.” -Finding Nemo (2003) Why I Love It: Sometimes this is the best… Read More

Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Should Be Adapted Into Netflix Shows

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl I have strong opinions about today’s topic! All of these books would make amazing shows. I can only hope that Netflix will realize they need more content and pick them up. 1.The Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean M. Auel Why: This series has everything – romance, adventure,… Read More