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How to Meditate in a Noisy, Crowded Place

Over the last few weeks I’ve been practicing something that doesn’t come easily to me at all. My spouse enjoys the energy of the crowds at the mall. He likes wandering around during the busier parts of the day and year. Here in Toronto we often have special giveaways, promotional booths, or other events put on by various… Read More

7 New Rules for Labour Day

Traditionally, people weren’t supposed to wear white after Labour Day if they wanted to be seen as fashionable. Almost no one follows this rule anymore, so I thought I’d nominate some guidelines for this time of year. Let me know which one you want to vote for as the official replacement in the comments below. No guilt-trips… Read More

A Short List of Acceptable Christmas Songs

Every year stores seem to start playing Christmas music earlier than they did the year before. My patience for these tunes is all but entirely worn out this season, and we’re still a little over two weeks away from Christmas. Nearly every rule has at least one exception, though, so today I’ll be sharing the short list of… Read More

Thanksgiving Stories

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving! So I won’t be having the big turkey dinner today for two reasons: 1) I already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month, and 2) I’m not actually that big of a fan of most of the foods that are traditionally served for this meal. They’re ok. I’ll eat them with gratitude if someone else wants to… Read More

Christmas Will Follow in the Footsteps of Halloween

 Hark! Hark to the wind! ‘Tis the night, they say,    When all souls come back from the far away –     The dead, forgotten this many a day!    And the dead remembered – ay! long and well –     And the little children whose spirits dwell    In God’s green garden of asphodel.    Have you reached the country of all content,    0 souls we know,… Read More

How Pacifists Celebrate Memorial Day (and Other Patriotic Holidays)

It seems unlikely at first, especially for those of us who grew up with strong Anabaptist influences. My grandparents were and are many things: resourceful, thrifty, hospitable, humble. What they aren’t: loud, flashy, or patriotic. There is a quiet mistrust of the government among my Mennonite ancestors. Digging into this could fill up a post ten this… Read More

Family Day

Happy Family Day to my Canadian readers! Confession:  manufactured holidays like this one are a little silly to me. Most of us don’t choose our families. We’re born, adopted, or married into them. And that’s it. You’re one of the group now for better or worse. I’m very lucky to have a close-knit immediate family, but… Read More