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How to Be a Good Apartment Neighbour

So you’ve moved into an apartment building or complex. Congratulations on your new, environmentally-friendly home! There are a few things the people living underneath, beside, and/or on top of you would like you to know about this kind of living arrangement. If there is a communal laundry room, empty your machines as soon as possible. Your clothing… Read More

A Review of Today’s Rainy Weather

Title: Spring Storms: When March 31 Attacks Author: Gaia Terra Publisher: Cosmos Rating: 4 Earths out of 5 Review: Don’t let the weatherman fool you. Rainy days aren’t just for April anymore. To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this very much when I first picked it up. Gloomy, damp, Thursday mornings are such… Read More

A Short List of Acceptable Christmas Songs

Every year stores seem to start playing Christmas music earlier than they did the year before. My patience for these tunes is all but entirely worn out this season, and we’re still a little over two weeks away from Christmas. Nearly every rule has at least one exception, though, so today I’ll be sharing the short list of… Read More

Welcome, New Readers!

I’ve noticed a nice bump in readership these past few weeks, but I have no idea where my new readers are coming from or how they found this site. Did another blogger (dis)agree with me? Was I mentioned in a news article? Has someone reviewed one of my books and linked back to my site in their review?… Read More

What Are Your Food Rules?

No, this post isn’t about food allergies, intolerances, eating disorders, or medically-prescribed diets. It’s not about being vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, or omnivorous either. Lately Drew and I have had a silly series of conversations about the rules we’ve come up with for what we eat, when we eat it, and how we eat it. For example,… Read More

The “I’m Not Sick” Game

Stage 1: Oh, my stuffy nose and fits of sneezing are just signs of seasonal allergies. In January.  In the middle of a cold snap. In between snowstorms. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Stage 2: A sore throat? I must have slept with my mouth open last night. No, I do not want any crackers who have suddenly… Read More

Thanksgiving Stories

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving! So I won’t be having the big turkey dinner today for two reasons: 1) I already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month, and 2) I’m not actually that big of a fan of most of the foods that are traditionally served for this meal. They’re ok. I’ll eat them with gratitude if someone else wants to… Read More

Cat Identity Theft and Other Misunderstandings

Earlier this week while walking down the street I noticed an odd advertisement on the side of a truck. Cat Identity Theft Is what I thought I read. Toronto is an extremely diverse city.  No matter what your hobby, belief, or identity is, there is almost guaranteed to be at least one business or activity… Read More

The Case of the Missing Post

You’re all going to laugh at me for this one. Drew and I are finishing up a three-day weekend here in Toronto. This summer has featured some exceptionally weird weather for us. Some weeks it’s been hot and humid, but others are much cooler than you’d normally expect for Ontario. So we started the weekend… Read More

20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

The Care Bears were the source of my most violent nightmares as a child. The smell of olives makes me feel nauseated. I have two speeds: my normal, quiet self, and extra talkative. Most of the time you barely hear a word out of me. Every once in a while I blab the ears off… Read More