5 More Things I Wish People Would Blog About

Lighted MatchI’ve been a blogger for many years now. During this time I’ve noticed that some topics seem to do really well in the blogosphere because of how timeless and versatile they are.

Earlier this year I shared a list of topics I wish more people would blog about. I kept thinking of more things I’d love to see my favourite bloggers tackle after I published it, though.

This post is an update to the one I posted back then.

Who knows? Maybe this will become a series one day!

Open Letters. I’ve sent out a handful of open letters on this blog. They can be used to thank people that you’ll never actually meet or to talk about issues that you’ve noticed in your community. While they can be used for unkind reasons as well, that’s never why I’ve used them.  I’d compare them instead to the short anecdotes that are often used in the first few pages of a nonfiction book to introduce the audience to the main topic of that chapter. Zooming in on a particular experience can be a friendly way to talk about a problem or bring something up that isn’t discussed very often.

Surveys and polls. I absolutely love filling out surveys and polls, especially if the person who put the survey or poll together eventually tells their audience what the results were.  There is something fascinating about seeing all of those numbers straightened out into tidy graphs and charts.  It doesn’t matter if you’re asking people to vote for which paint colour they’d like to see brighten up your living room or who we’re hoping will win the next election. If you post a survey, I will cheerfully fill it out before haunting your blog until the final tallies are shared.

Unusual events. This could be anything from an unexplained mystery from your childhood to a boldly creative photograph to a truly bizarre news story that sounds like it belongs on Snopes. I enjoy unusualness in almost any form. There’s something to be said for sharpening your mind by paying attention to things that don’t seem to make sense at first glance.

Questions, hypothetical or otherwise. I like thinking about possible for the answers to them even if that process is as simple as a quick roll through my imagination or a trip to Wikipedia to see if I remembered a certain fact correctly.

Book, music, movie, and TV show reviews. As an author, I know how important reviews are for those of us who rely on word-of-mouth marketing to find new fans. Reviews also matter to fans themselves who haven’t decided what they’ll buy or rent yet. I rely on them heavily when I decide what to buy. No, I’m not swayed by a single excellent (or negative) review. There have been many times, though, when a streak of reviewers that all have similar things to say have made the difference between me buying something and deciding to give a different author, musician, or show a try instead.


What kinds of topics do you love seeing pop up on the blogs you follow?

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