Questions from the Search Engines

Every once in a while I like to share some of the questions and phrases that lead people to this blog. The queries are in bold. My answers are below them.

Spiderman is a myth that re-emerged in the the 21st century.

This isn’t true as far as I can tell. Wouldn’t it be cool to know the original stories that our current myths, fairy tales, and legends are based on, though? I’ve often wondered if some of them are loosely based on things that really happened.

For example, I have a very distant relative who, according to family legend, “lost” her illegitimate child in the woods one day. That child was never seen or heard from again. Did Hansel and Gretel become so well known partially because it soothed the guilt of parents whose children died under mysterious circumstances?

I could talk about this topic all day. It’s utterly fascinating.

I don’t wear makeup but I want to cosplay. What do I do?

I wouldn’t have a problem cosplaying without makeup. A great costume matters a whole lot more. You could also look for a character that wears a mask of some kind. No one can tell you’re not wearing makeup if they can’t see your face!

Why don’t people respect elders?

Age has nothing to do with whether or not someone should be respected. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

How to think positive about religions.

Stop watching the news. It’s full of half-truths and sometimes actual lies.

Don’t judge people before you know them.

Make friends with people from other religions. There are kind and wonderful folks in every belief system.

Difference between telling truth and badmouthing.

People who badmouth others tend to go out of their way to talk about the negative side of that person. This is especially true if what they’re saying is made up or greatly exaggerated.

People who are telling the truth generally need to be coaxed into talking about the terrible things that  happened to them. They don’t share it indiscriminately in most cases.

How to forgive a friend for pretending to be something he is not.

That depends. If he was pretending to be straight to avoid being harmed by his parents or community, he wouldn’t need any forgiveness. Someday these ruses will hopefully no longer be necessary, but I understand the need for some people to remain in the closet to stay safe.

If he lied for selfish reasons, I’d take a giant step back from the friendship and see if he changed his tune.

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