Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: One Skill I Wish I Had But Don’t

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My response to this week’s prompt can be summed up in one word: programming.

I’m fascinated by the various programming languages that have been developed in order to create websites.

There’s something incredible about seeing how the right commands can create eye-catching sites with enough patience and work.

A few months ago, I took a one-day introductory HTML course to this topic at my local library. It was fascinating to get that taste of that world. I’m dabbling with the idea of continuing my studies in this area (whether in HTML or in another programming language entirely).

What can I say? Computers are cool, and I want to learn more about how to build nice-looking websites for them.

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  1. I envy your wanting to learn. I tried learning through working on my website and it was not great. DH took it over because (For him) HTML is intuitive. For me? It’s not. He’d find these little quirks in the code where I’d goofed them up before and didn’t know how to fix them. He’d fix them, then say, don’t do that again. Lol! I hope you learn how to do it. 🙂

  2. My husband is a programmer, and just the mere thought of what he does gives me a headache! I really admire people who can program and who understand all the languages.

  3. Thanks for coming by earlier. I can do basic HTML (enough for the posts on my website anyway). Would be neat to be able to do websites (and a nice way to earn a little bit… authors are always looking for web designers).

  4. I remember the first time I learned about HTML. My mind was captivated! All the best on your class. It sounds exciting.

  5. I took a course years ago that included HTML and CSS. It was all pretty basic, but helped me build a cute little website, so it was a win. Have fun with it, it’s such a useful skill to have.

  6. Same here. I wish I were better at programming. Every time I edit my site’s HTML, it’s a slog where I have to look up every single step. I admire people (like my mother) who are able to easily design whole websites from scratch.

    I’m studying up on HTML/CSS and also taking a course on app development in Swift now. Slow going, but I’m enjoying it.

  7. As a programmer I can say it’s a very addicting hobby! (Though, working in the field – not so much, haha.) You might enjoy learning Python, it’s a really hot language right now and the syntax isn’t too complicated. Also, even now I find YouTube is as good a place as anywhere to learn. 🙂

  8. Looks like you got some good tips here, Lydia. The interfaces for building websites are always changing I think, but the underlying code might be HTML or is it starting to be Python? I don’t know. I took HTML and have a book on it, and it is interesting, but I just use WordPress and also have a webmistress to help make my site look better. I do the simple updates, and she does anything fancy but mainly the original set up because she brings a visual design expertise to the project. That’s an important component and another skill I don’t have.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I don’t think the link you left worked so I’m going to try to add it. (Speaking of website updates, LOL!)

    • Glad to hear it. I’ll have to do some research to see if Python is the preferred language these days.

      And thanks for tweaking my link.

  9. That would definitely be a cool skill. Just seeing the layouts people create for Tumblr and Neopets pages leave me in awe; I can’t imagine anything more complex. I took a basic intro-level computer science course in college — designed for non-majors, even! — and I had to drop it after 2 weeks because I still didn’t understand a single thing. Good luck if you do any further study.

  10. What a great idea to take that introductory course, Lydia. That’s something I should consider too given what my skill want was in my post. It’s such a handy thing to know.

  11. My degree was in Mathematics and Computer Science with a specialty in Applied Mathematics. So basically I took a handful of basic programming classes, and I really liked them but I got too overwhelmed in the more advanced classes so I stuck with Math haha. Programming is a lot of fun, and you can do so much with it! It just wasn’t for me.

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