Countries of the World Quiz

worldCan you name every country in the world in 12 minutes?

My brother sent this game to me a few days ago, and I was surprised by how addictive it is.

The first time I was only able to think of 40 of the 196 countries on earth. It was an embarrassingly low score, but I am slowly improving as I play the game over and over again.

What is your score?


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6 Responses to Countries of the World Quiz

  1. Opa!

    I’m afraid to give Aiden a buck a country 🙂 anyone else want to challenge a 7 year old?!

  2. daphnepurpus

    I got a 68. It really doesn’t help that I learned the names when they many were different. I kept guessing ‘old’ names. I’ll try again though, as it is addictive as well as important. Thanks for putting in the link.

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