Dear Teenage Me

Jenna Boring at Plaid Sheep blew me away with a thought-provoking post recently about things she wishes she could tell her teenage self.

I’m stealing this idea.

If any of you decide to blog about this as well leave a link to your post in the comment section. I’ll add it to this post.

Edited to add hpiglet’s letter.

Dear Teenage Me

1. Just like younger Jenna there are people in your life who aren’t going to be alive in a few years. Don’t worry about figuring out exactly who I’m talking about. Just do both of us a favour and enjoy the time you have with everyone in your life right now.

2. You know that still, small voice in your head that argues with the wacky things you hear at church youth rallies? Some of those pastors may very well have invented the term eccentric. Absorb what makes sense to you and ignore the rest.

3. Don’t worry about where you’ll be in five or ten years. It won’t be what at all you were expecting but it will be pretty wonderful.

4. Modesty isn’t everything. It’s ok to buy that really cute top or pair of shorts to lounge around in over the summer. This is what teenage girls are supposed to do.  Just don’t wear them to church or grandpa’s house. 😉

5. Remember that book you read last week or month that you really liked? Write down the author and title somewhere. I can’t tell you how much time this will save when you want to reread it in five or ten years. It turns out that there are 453,523,089 other books out there with the same basic premise and/or colour scheme on the cover. Don’t rely on vague things like these to find it again.

6. Gym class isn’t reality. There are so many ways to stay active that don’t involve competition, being injured or undressing in a room full of other people. Do the minimum to get a decent grade in the class but don’t for a minute think this is a good introduction to exercising.

7. The bad news: your allergies are going to get much worse over the next several years. You’re going to have a few scary moments as you figure out which foods are triggering your reactions.

8. The good news: Once you figure that out you’ll be fine.

9. The even better news: there are so many other products out there. You’ll eventually find a good-to-amazing substitute for everything you really miss. Even mint chocolate chip ice cream!


What would you tell your younger self?


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9 Responses to Dear Teenage Me

  1. So fun to see someone elses list!  And I’m glad you enjoyed mine… you just made my day.  🙂

  2. I made a Facebook comment … Where your dad linked to this post. I said I would tell my younger self to care less about almost everything, cause nothing is that important.

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  4. Hpiglet

    I made one!  I made one! 

    Thanks for the writing cue.  This was fun.

  5. Lovely! I’ll do one of these, soon! For now, I think I’d tell teenage me to stop wearing overalls and start sneaking out more often for awesometeenageshenanigans!

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