Describe Your Mood in One Gif

I have a challenge for you today: describe your current mood for me in the form of a gif, short video, or picture.

For example, this is how I feel:

That is, I’m insatiably curious. Lately I’ve been devouring short Youtube videos that explain certain scientific facts and theories, and I want to know much more than can be condensed into five minutes.

The site where I found it used this description: “when a post is worthwhile enough to pull a lurker out of hiding.”

That flexibility is the beauty of this kind of communication. A lot of people will use the same gif or picture to share the same emotion, but there’s always room for creativity and new interpretations.

I’ve used this gif in the past to describe my hay fever:







This one when I’ve accidentally stumbled across the weird parts of the Internet:










And this one when a conversation takes such an unexpected turn that there simply isn’t anything left to say:








What have you used for non-verbal communication online?

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