Every Day is Valentine’s Day

BigPinkHeartConfession: I’ve never celebrated a traditional Valentine’s Day. Drew and I have been together eight years without once giving or receiving boxes of chocolates or bouquets.

If he ever sent me a sappy card I’d wonder what secret code was hidden behind the mushiness. Rather than cooing over the sentimental message I’d see how quickly I could figure out what Drew was really saying.

Yet we express our love for one another every day. Sometimes we even use words.

Last week I was on antibiotics. He texted me every afternoon to remind me to take them and to see how I was feeling. Before the medicine kicked in he woke up every time I had a bad coughing fit during the night.  Life wasn’t ok until I went back to sleep.

A few years ago I started steaming green beans for dinner in an effort to eat a healthier diet. Drew quickly learned that he loved green beans that were properly cooked and seasoned, and it just so happened that there were always enough beans for two on my plate. As his appetite grew so did the servings. 😉

We don’t celebrate February 14 because every day is Valentine’s Day. Love isn’t affection, romance, or sex (although those things are wonderful!), it’s the thousands of tiny decisions you make that show the person you’ve chosen that they matter.

By all means, go out to dinner or buy a fuzzy, pink stuffed animal if your significant other likes that sort of thing. Just remember that how you treat them the rest of the year sets the tone for your relationship.

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