February and March 2014 Search Engine Question

The last few months have been a bit quieter for entertaining search engine queries that lead new readers to this blog. I suspect that Google’s new algorithim is filtering out some of the funniest ones before I can read them.

search engine questions. This is the most meta search phrase ever. I feel like answering it would trap me in a space time anomaly like on that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where the ship kept blowing up over and over again.

What issues can a non-theistic worldview easily create? None that I’ve found so far.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of skepticism? I’m beginning to suspect that a lot of my new followers find this blog through questions like this. I wonder how many of them stick around once they realize I’m not that interested in debates?

Otters getting married. I fully support marriage ceremonies for otters. Especially if they wear silly hats and get extra fish.

Why is food such an enemy for me? If you don’t keep the unhealthiest treats in your house, it’s much harder to over-indulge. It’s worth it to me to pay a little more for single-serving snacks to remove that temptation.

How to re-charge your wand. I tweeted about this a few days after it showed up in Google Analytics, but it still makes me chuckle.

Would myths and legends survive in the 21st century? The Internet is a powerful tool. One of the things it’s done over the last 15-20 years is discredit many myths and legends that used to be much more widespread. Snopes.com is a great example of how this works.



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