Holiday Blogging Schedule News

Every year I slow down my production of new content here over the holidays. It’s the only blogging break I take in any given year, and it’s only ever a partial break.

There will be something special and silly on this blog on December 21.

Suggestion Saturday posts will continue to be new because of how much I enjoy working on them ahead of time. You can expect them as usual on December 19, December 26, and January 2. I went a little overboard on curating them this year, so look out for much more material than I’d typically give to you on a regular Suggestion Saturday entry. Haha.

Other than that, I’ll be sharing a lot of great posts from the past year here over the next two weeks on the normal Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday schedule. If there are any posts from me that you loved and I missed, feel free to share them in the comment section. I love hearing that kind of feedback.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I’ll be back to my regular routine on January 4.

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