How Close Is Your “Driving Age” to Your Actual Age?

This game tries to find out!

It’s a simulation of driving down a rural highway. There’s a red stop signal with a white hand that flashes on the screen after a few moments. The faster you tap any button on your keyboard, the better your score will be.

My scores gave me a driving age as young as 21 and as old as 46 once when I got distracted by one of the animals on the side of the road. (The driving ages range from 18 to 95 from what I could tell).

I’d love to know what your scores are!

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  1. Well, this made my day! I did it 4 times and I was clocked at 42 yrs twice and 48 yrs the other two times. I’ll be turning 70 later this month so I was pleased. 🙂

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