How Dark Is Your Personality?

The British Broadcasting Company has a quiz on their website that measures three personality traits: narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism (that is, the desire to manipulate and control others).

The quiz takes 5 minutes or less. You’re supposed to answer the questions quickly and with your very first response to them. Don’t overthink anything.

Apparently, I’m shockingly saintly. Here’s the description of this category from the quiz:

Do you ever find yourself walking on water? Because you are shockingly saintly. You are a chink of light in a dark world.

Reading it made me laugh. I’ve never thought of myself as a saint before. Even revealing my score feels too much like a humble-brag. I almost didn’t post this blog entry at all. :O

But I would love to know how my followers did. How did you score? Have you ever heard of similar quizzes that test for other negative character traits

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  1. Sarah B.

    It appears that I am also shockingly saintly. I understand it was a fun quiz, but I found most of the questions to be very strange. Still, it was entertaining. 🙂

    • Yes, they were very odd. Did you click on any of the links in that article? There was one that talked about the three different personality types the quiz was testing for and what happens when you find more than one of them in the same person. It was really interesting.

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