How to Be an Interesting Quiet Person


“Quiet” by Елена Ильина.

A few weeks ago a new reader found this blog by searching for this phrase.

The answer is quite simple: occasionally share the delicious thoughts you prefer to keep to yourself.

Those of you who have met me in person know how quiet I usually am in large social gatherings. Some folks have the irrepressible urge to share every single thought that flitters through their mind.

It’s great to listen to them but I’m not that kind of person.

I’d rather listen while I figured everyone else out than reveal too much information about myself prematurely. It’s better to be seen as a little mysterious than to throw all of your cards on the table before you even know which game everyone is playing.

At times I’ve attended a gathering, thoroughly enjoyed myself and gone home without talking more than ten minutes the entire night. I don’t believe in speaking for the sake of speaking or in sharing a premature idea. Better to mention something a little too late than to say what you’re thinking before you’ve decided what your opinion is on the topic!

Every once in a while, though, when everyone else least expects it I’ll pick the ripest thought and share it.

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