November 2013 Search Engine Questions

Sometimes readers find this blog with unusual search terms and questions. Here are my responses to the ones that showed up this month.

Wyoming heat wave. I remember wishing for air conditioning a handful of times in the four years my family lived in Wyoming. In general summer weather is warm and beautiful in Wyoming, though.

Why don’t doctors wear makeup? Some folks don’t like it.

Prince ōkuninushi. To the best of my knowledge I’ve never mentioned this man on my blog, yet searching for him leads people here anyway.

How hard it is not celebrating Christmas? Christmas is mostly for kids, so as a childfree adult I’m happy to treat it like any other day. Well, other than buying soy eggnog. That stuff is delicious.

Does anyone know what the name Bruxy means? Not as far as I can tell.

What are the risks of multi-gender bathrooms? Waiting in line for a shorter amount of time.

How does “The Reason I Jump” end? The final entry is unusually poignant. Naoki has come to some surprising conclusions about human society based on how we treat our most vulnerable members. It brought a tear to my eye, but what really sealed my interest in this book was what happens next. Just before his entry ends Naoki describes an alarming condition that has recently popped up all over the globe. Those who suffer from it develop cataracts and cold, grey skin, are highly aggressive, have no visible reaction to even severe injuries or pain, and seem to have an insatiable need to consume human flesh. There are rumours claiming victims die before somehow reanimating, but the local newscasters assures everyone this isn’t scientifically possible.

Governments all around the world have begun temporarily shutting down schools, public transit, shopping malls, movie theatres, and all other non-essential businesses. Civilians have been strongly urged to stay in their homes until further notice. The last thing Naoki notes in his journal before abandoning it is that some of the afflicted have broken police barricades and are slowly shuffling toward the elementary school.

Or, you know, you could read it for yourself instead of expecting Internet strangers to either spoil it for everyone or tell you a tall tale.  😉

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  1. Michael Mock

    I like your version. Perhaps Prince ōkuninushi could come to rescue Naoki (in a multi-gender bathroom) and they could travel to Wyoming (in the middle of a heat wave) to find a doctor. (The doctor, who must be named Bruxy, wouldn’t be wearing makeup or celebrating Christmas because of the epidemic, obviously.)

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