One Year Old

One year ago yesterday this blog was born.

Happy blogiversary to On the Other Hand! I can’t believe how fast the last twelve months have passed.

There are millions of other blogs out there. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this one. I still get a thrill when I open up my mailbox and read the comments you’ve left on recent (or not so recent!) posts.

Here are the top ten posts of the past year according to how often they’ve been viewed:


10. Has the Internet Destroyed Our Social Skills?

9. How (Not) to Solicit Charitable Donations.

8. Life After Faith: Now What?

7. Non-Theistic Morality.

6. A Cure for Nostalgia?

5. Does Privilege Corrupt Us?

4. Why is Violence More Acceptable Than Sex?

3. 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Reading the News.

2. 6 Reasons Why I Don’t Wear Makeup.

1. What the Quiet People Are Thinking.

My all-time favourite post, though, is still It’s Never Just Gossip.



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