Senior Citizens Reacting to Rihanna’s Song “Work”

I don’t think I’ve ever shared anything from the Elders React series on this blog before. Elders React is a Youtube show about a group of older people who share their thoughts on modern pop culture. Every episode covers a different topic, and most of the ones I’ve seen were extremely funny.

This particular episode is about Rihanna’s two music videos for her song “Work.” One of the seniors in this video – I won’t say which one – reminded me of how my dad used to react when his kids blared music that he didn’t understand. Sometimes he’d imitate the singers or rappers we were listening to. At other times he’d start dancing in the living room in beat to the music.

I thought of this memory as I watched that guy struggle to understand today’s music.

Oh, and a fair warning: this includes PG-13 content.

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  1. Opa!

    Loved it! Yup I could have made similar comments during that video.

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