Sick Day

sick_dayI just arrived home from a family reunion. A whole bunch of us packed ourselves into one house for several days. We had a wonderful time, although I’m glad to be back home now.

I have a cold.

My well of blogging ideas has temporarily run dry. I’ll be back to my old self soon, but in the meantime I have a few questions for my readers.

What are your favourite home remedies when you’re sick?

Do you prefer to be left alone or coddled when you’re not feeling well?

What is your idea of a good family reunion? Do you like squishing everyone into the same house, or do you prefer getting a hotel room?

Ready, set, discuss!



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6 Responses to Sick Day

  1. daphnepurpus

    Feel better fast!! Glad you had a good time, but the cold seems a steep price. Take care!

  2. Michael Mock

    Home remedies: I’d say tea, but I drink so much tea anyway that I doubt anyone could tell the difference. Hot baths and lots of sleep.

    Left alone or coddled? Left alone. Big time.

    Good family reunion: I need a space to retreat to ever now and then; I can only socialize for so long before I start getting twitchy.

    Wow. I sound like a horrible grouch. Oh well. Hope you get to feeling better quickly!

  3. dave grigger

    favorite home remedy?
    sleep (LOTS of it) and solitude.

    as far as reunions, all in the house (and spilling outside) has always been the norm. to me a hotel would be “foreign”.

    hope you get to feeling better soon 🙂

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