Silence Is a Punctuation Mark

Photo by L. Shyamal. Animal courtesy of Saleem Hameed.

Photo by L. Shyamal. Animal courtesy of Saleem Hameed.

If I were a turtle, this is the face I’d make when there are too many words.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I don’t like people. I love being social, there just comes a time when I need a break from all of the words tumbling around me. Sometimes there are a lot of them!

Silence is refreshing. Some conversations need a lot of it afterwards so I can have a chance to absorb everything that was said.

Did you know that punctuation marks used to be used sporadically (or not at all in with certain writing styles and cultures), and that many early forms of writing never put spaces between words?


My brain hurts just thinking about it.

Earlier this month I got little twitchy because I wasn’t getting enough time alone. I think I’ve come up with a good solution for it, but as I was brainstorming ideas I stumbled over these facts. (Never try to figure me out based on what I’ve googled recently. It’s an eclectic jumble of stuff I need to know for my short stories, bizarre questions that pop into my mind, and random words I’m not sure how to spell. Only about 10% of it actually reflects my real mental state. Haha!)

I used to imagine words tumbling out of the sky when I’d had enough of them. Now I think I’ll be picturing them crowding closer and closer together until I can’t where one ends and the next one begins.

How do you visualize these things?


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  1. tammy

    It feels like the air is crowded when things are noisy. Like a crowded mall full of people.

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