Silent People Love Story

800px-Candy-heartsSomeone found my blog by searching for this phrase recently. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I thought I’d write a flash fiction for those of you who do. 

Candy hearts litter the dash. What a nice touch for our last Valentine’s Day.

I sneak one as Jake permanently seals the doors and starts the engine. We’ve been together so many years that we don’t need words at takeoff. He does his work and I do mine.

The cargo growls. A faint, sulphuric odour fills the cabin. Damn, the meds can’t be wearing off already. The last dose would have knocked out an elephant. I double the next round and text Melinda. If nothing else, she’ll know how to slow these things down if any more of them hatch. There’s no way this one will survive its midnight crash into Kīlauea.

A silent nod from my captain. All systems go.

I’m ready.





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