Sleep Is Not for the Weak

aa72fde231b900b50b4c23069ead318aThis is the tale of Lydia and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night of sleep.

Last night I tossed and turned for two hours past my normal bedtime.

Normally sleep finds me easily. This time it did not.

When you’re in that situation, looking at the clock just makes it worse. It’s better to not know what time it is when you’re trying to fall asleep.

So what did my body decide to do this morning? Wake up at 6 am, as usual.

My brain is bleary. I feel like the edges of the world are blurring together. My thoughts feel the way grumpy cat looks.

Sleep is not for the weak. Everyone needs it.

Now if only I could get my brain to agree with that.

How do you handle a poor night’s sleep?



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4 Responses to Sleep Is Not for the Weak

  1. Opa!

    Chamomile tea

  2. Sarah B.

    Sorry you had such a rough night. I can certainly empathize. I get less sleep then I would like quite often. I recommend trying to focus on your breathing in an effort to quite your mind. If I’m having a hard time sleeping, I really try to resist the urge to get up and do something because that usually only serves to wake me up more. Occasionally, I’ll get a drink of water, but even that sometimes makes my body think, “time to get up!”

    As for getting through the morning after a rough night of sleep, I recommend peppermint tea. I’ve always found it to be refreshing and it gives me a nice boost without caffeine.

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