Some Rules Have Exceptions. What Are Yours?

Photo credit: Babbel1996.

Photo credit: Babbel1996.

I’ve been thinking about exceptions to rules lately.

Despite many attempts to become a fan of Doctor Who, I have never learned to enjoy that show.

The exception to this rule: “Blink,” an episode in which the doctor encounters an extremely dangerous alien race that can only move if no one is looking at them. There’s an element of horror in this episode that makes me shiver. It’s truly frightening without being gory, and I love every single second of it.

As many of my readers already know, I can’t stand 99% of the violent shows out there. There’s nothing entertaining to me about seeing people hurt each other in new and creative ways. The Walking Dead is my big exception to this rule. I’m so attached to these characters that I’m willing to look away during the disturbing scenes in order to find out what happens to them next. (Ideally it will involve Rick and Michonne falling in love and having a few adorable children once the zombiepocalypse winds down a bit. But I digress. 😉 )

It’s extremely hard for me to get into online games because of how much focus they tend to put on fighting and destroying stuff. Exception: Minecraft. I love building houses, fences, and bridges in this game. If you want to, you can avoid fighting monsters and build stuff or tend to your farm instead.

Shopping is the worst kind of errand. Exception: grocery shopping. I love standing in the produce section and thinking. Occasionally I’ve rewritten large sections of my shopping list based on what is on sale or what looks amazing this week. There’s something deeply gratifying about this.

I think you get the point.

Everyone has rules for themselves. We all have exceptions, too.

Today I want to hear about yours.

What do you normally love but sometimes dislike?

What do you normally hate but sometimes enjoy?

What are you indifferent about unless it involves (or doesn’t involve) X?

Have you ever changed your mind about any of these things?

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  1. Michael Mock

    Seafood. I really, really don’t like fish… unless it’s sushi.

  2. Opa!

    Religious music unless it has soul with tight harmonies. Street musicians unless they are excellent/professional. The symphony unless it’s small ensembles on the street playing for free.

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