Spring 2013 Search Engine Questions

As a Christian what do you do when someone doesn’t apologize? Forgive them 70 times 7.

Do men care if you don’t wear makeup. No.

Should I apologize to my husband’s mistress?¬†Don’t apologize, but do consider becoming friends. (Dump the cheater first, though!)

It has been suggested that there is much more sex on tv in Europe than in the U.S., and, on the other hand, there is more violence on tv in the U.S. than in Europe. is this actually true? Yes.

Do you forgive someone who ruined your wedding? Yes, but I would keep my distance from them in the future.

Fred Schoch party. If there was such an event this spring I never received an invitation. ūüėČ

Is Heather Robb a Christian?¬†I’ll leave it up to her to answer that question.

What are some amazing things about quiet people? We let you get a word in edgewise.

Should you respond to hateful text? Yes, with a Haiku.

Why is Lydia so crabby?¬†I’m usually only crabby when I wait too long to eat my next meal. Other than that I’m a pretty happy person.

What I’m thinking as I’m watching The Walking Dead.

Spoilers to follow for anyone not caught up on the show. You have been warned.

1. Why did the writers of this assume women don’t know how to shoot guns for the first two seasons? Must all women really rely on men to keep them safe in this world? Will Michonne ever become a well-rounded character instead of a numb killing machine?

2. What is T-Dog’s real name? Who was he before the zombiepocalypse? Did he have a spouse or kids? Why must current black characters always be killed off when new ones show up?

3. Knowing that she desperately needed a¬†Caesarean¬†section for her first pregnancy why didn’t Lori have a chemical abortion as soon as she discovered her pregnancy? Who has unprotected sex when ¬†there’s no access to modern medical care? Shouldn’t a woman’s health come first?


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