Suggestion Saturday: April 6, 2013

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, videos, poetry and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

From The Friendship of a Cat via BillyDees:

They make even the clearest headed and most sensible person act like they have serious psychological problems. It’s like all that crazy talk and speaking in tongues, from both women and men, when their child is born. Upon meeting a kitten for the first time, it’s etiquette to talk to it in a very silly voice… and it’s a voice that stays with you for all your days together.

Skeptical Harry Potter. This would have made for a much more interesting introduction to Hogwarts for young Harry.

The Mystery of the Tiny Door in a Tree. I hope the Bay Area “gnomes” know they’re welcome in Toronto as well. How cool would it be to see something like this in High Park?!

Regret. What if regrets were living organisms?

The Art of Joyful Subversion. I met a few joyfully subversive grown-ups when I was a child. Every conversation we had about alternative ways of looking at the world fluttered around in my mind like a bulletin board full of yellow sticky notes. When I hit my late teens I began sorting through those reminders to see which ones I wanted to keep. I don’t know many children these days but I look forward to passing on the tradition as this changes. Who they actually grow up to be is none of my business but no one should be stuffed into a pre-determined fate.

Sometimes via RHMustard. It’s funny how old memories continue to surface years after a death. My grandmother has been gone for 22 years and as much as I am at peace with the short window of time we shared on this planet there are still days when I wonder what she’d think of everything that has changed since she left.

Tree: A Life Story vividly describes the life cycle of a fir tree and how every stage of its existence is in some way crucial for the survival of at least one other species. This book is perfect for readers who don’t have in-depth knowledge of botany or forest ecology. It describes technical terms and complicated relationships so poetically that at times I forget I was reading non-fiction.

What have you been reading?


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6 Responses to Suggestion Saturday: April 6, 2013

  1. I like trees. Especially as they are so needed in the desert south west. There is something special about a well cared for well trimmed tree to me.

  2. tammy

    Subversion! 🙂

  3. Aaron

    The HP fan fiction was incredible….impatiently waiting for more chapters.

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