Suggestion Saturday: August 13, 2016

pexels-photo-46275-largeHere is this week’s list of flash fiction and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

I included the picture on the right because it intrigues me. I sure wish I knew what book it was from.

Profanity Is Pretty F**king Good for Us, Actually. As true as this may be, I’d still feel weird about cursing in front of certain relatives. Ha!

Don’t Worry: Wi-Fi Isn’t Dangerous. This was a great article.

This Is the Best Way to Motivate Yourself to Exercise via SugarSavvyRN‬. I somehow managed to discovered several of these methods on my own when I started exercising regularly a few years ago. It’s nice to have confirmation, though.

Laying Down My Stethoscope via AnneLippin. Many professions are experiencing unrealistic pressures to do more with way less time, money, and support than even the most experienced and talented people working in them require to do their job safely. Pressuring health care workers this way is even more dangerous, though, because people’s very lives are at stake.

The Public Shaming of England’s First Umbrella User. One of the things I enjoy the most about casually studying history is occasionally running across strangely hilarious stories like this one.

From The Original Underclass:

One of America’s founding myths, of course, is that the simple act of leaving England and boldly starting new lives in the colonies had an equalizing effect on the colonists, swiftly narrowing the distance between indentured servant and merchant, landowner and clerk.

From A Letter to the Sister I Ate in Utero via shawnamawna:

I’m not sure why it happened. You were there in one ultrasound. A shadow person. A double image. The doctor says I absorbed you. Mama says that makes me twice the woman I might have been.

What have you been reading?


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  1. Sarah B.

    I loved the story about the umbrella! How interesting.

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