Suggestion Saturday: August 19, 2017

Here is this week’s list of short stories, essays and other links from my favourite corners of the web. If you live in North America, I hope you enjoy the solar eclipse that will be happening on Monday. This photo made me think of everyone who wishes they could see it but who don’t live in the right part of the world for that.

Eclipse Searches. If any of my readers don’t already follow XKCD, go read this strip from them.

In a Heartbeat. I don’t share many short films with my readers these days, but this one was fantastic. If you have 4 spare minutes today, definitely go give it a try.

Stop Pretending Superman Might Lose a Fair Fight via MBTTTR. I love the fact that this is a debate.

Jamaican Folklore: The Lizard’s Story via ‪naditomlinson‬. I had no idea that there were so many stories and old wives’ tales about lizards. How interesting.

Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience. Wow, this was incredible.

When Wishing for Rain, Equip Yourself for the Possibility of Thunder via

DavidLodda. This was an interesting metaphor for preparing for the unexpected in life. It also made for an eye-catching title for the post.

From Love Letters to Things Lost and Gained:

We’re supposed to think of each other as a team, while we integrate. You already think of us that way, to the extent that you think at all, so most of the work there is on me. I’m told that it’s not uncommon for that to be a somewhat bumpy road. I’m told all sorts of reassuring things.

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