Suggestion Saturday: August 26, 2017

Here is this week’s list of short stories, comic strips, poems and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

Today’s picture isn’t related to any of the links below. I’m sharing it with you because I find it beautiful and because I’m mesmerized by the thoughtful expression on the young woman’s face.

“I Hate Poems”: Introducing Poetry via JamesTheo. This is for everyone who finds poetry hard to understand.

1994. This is the fourth Lucille Clifton poem I’ve shared with you so far. There are two more of them I want you to read, and I’ll continue posting them every other week on Suggestion Saturday. I hope that I’ve converted a few of my followers into fans of this poet. She’s incredible.

In the House of the Seven Librarians. If libraries are magical places to you, go read this.

Living with Racism via Krista_Quintana. This was an excellent post. It must be exhausting to answer the same questions over and over again.

A Day in the Life. I’m not sure if there’s an official term for this, but I love it when people modernize old sayings.

Will Art Survive? via ‪UpmaSharma369‬. I don’t know what the solution is to this, but the post sure was an interesting read.

The Ration Book Diet. This completely fascinates me. I wonder if it will ever become a mainstream method for eating a healthier diet?

From Conscious Consumerism Is a Lie. Here’s a Better Way to Help Save the World:

I stood behind the dais in a secondhand blouse, recycled polyester tights, and a locally made pencil skirt, took a deep breath, and began to speak. “Conscious consumerism is a lie. Small steps taken by thoughtful consumers—to recycle, to eat locally, to buy a blouse made of organic cotton instead of polyester—will not change the world.”

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