Suggestion Saturday: May 13, 2017

Here is this week’s list of comic strips and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

A Theory on Teams. I couldn’t agree with this more.

Urban Biology Bingo. This is the perfect time of year to go wander around and see how many of these boxes you can tick off if you live in a part of the world where these plants and animals also live.

The Streets of Pakistan via ‪tayonthemove.This blog post includes many beautiful pictures of life in Pakistan. I think you’ll all really love them.

Have You Ever Fallen on Your Butt in Exercise Class? via ‪JenAmmoscato‬. If you’re ever felt like the least coordinated person in the room, this is the post for you.

More Unsolicited Advice to a Stranger via ‪seaangel4444‬. This post is the second in a series. If you like it, there’s a link to the first post in the body of the second post.

The “Lost Girls”: Ghosts of a President & His Wife Who Affected Presidential Policy. Fair warning: this post talks about the deaths of two children. I had never heard of this side of President McKinley’s life. It was somber but also intriguing.

From Yes, This Is a Particularly Horrendous Year for Seasonal Allergies:

This allergy season is dreadful, isn’t it? I have sneezed myself silly in the last couple of weeks and, anecdotally at least, here in New York half the people I know are clawing out their eyes and drowning themselves with neti pots. But isit worse than usual this year, or am I just a big baby?

From Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to Grads: Make Feminism an Inclusive Party

Now girls are often raised to see love only as giving. Women are praised for their love when that love is an act of giving. But to love is to give AND to take. Please love by giving, and by taking. Give and be given. If you are only giving and not taking, you’ll know. You’ll know from that small and true voice inside you that we females are so often socialized to silence. Don’t silence that voice. Dare to take.

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