Suggestion Saturday: November 3, 2018

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, articles, and other links from my favourite corners of the web. There were a lot of news articles this week because I kept stumbling across great ones.

The Not so Invisible Problem via tjtherien. This post is several years old, but the problem it talks about still hasn’t been solved. This issue definitely isn’t unique to Toronto. A lot of places struggle with it, and I hope we find better solutions for it soon.

Regency Era Etiquette for the Sick. Honestly, a lot of this is good advice for 2018, too.

Views from the Road: The Kindness of Strangers via marieannbailey. What a tear-jerker. I always appreciate hearing stories about humans going out of their way to help strangers without any expectation of being rewarded for it.

What I Learned from Turning My Notifications Off via bamblingsofnafy. How many of you have turned your notifications off? I don’t think this is something I’d be able to do permanently or regularly, but I am intrigued by the idea of it in general.

Acting Like an Extravert Has Benefits, But Not for Introverts. Honestly, this should be common sense, but I’m still glad to see research being done on it.

The EU Is Right – 2018 Should Be the Last Time the Clocks Go Back. Agreed. Now to get this idea so much exposure that every country ends daylight savings time.

No Such Thing As Too Much Exercise, Study Finds. I found this a little surprising. What do you all think can or should be done to encourage people to exercise more in whatever ways they’re able to?

Microplastics Found in 90 of Table Salt. Wow, this is gross. The good news is, they haven’t found any health effects from it so far.

Finally, I have a call for submissions and guest posts to share with all of you.

If you can’t click on that link, here’s an embedded version of what they’re looking for:

And here is a summarized version of the text for anyone who needs it:

Ginger Nuts is a horror blog that is looking for LGBT+ authors as well as authors who write LGBT+ characters to be featured on their site through interviews, guest posts, short stories throughout the month of January 2019. Email them at jimmcleod @ gingernutsofhorror DOT com for more information or to recommend people you know who might be interested in this opportunity.

I can’t wait to see what kinds of stories, interviews, and other features they publish in a few months. How cool.

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