Suggestion Saturday: November 6, 2010

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, photos, comics, videos and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

OMG. Gorgeous photos of a petrified cryptocrystalline quartz clam. Geology and Palaeontology are such compelling fields to study individually; together they are irresistible!

Caring for Your Introvert. One of the reasons that Drew and I get along so well is that he groks introversion. In our six years together he has never once been offended by me saying, “I love you but I need some time alone right now.” 🙂

From What Does it Take to Start a Movement?

But what if leaders didn’t have followers? Would they still be leaders? Part of me says yes, of course; leadership is a way of being. But maybe it’s not the initial leader, but that first follower who has the most impact.

Imagine a World Without Books. Whenever I read articles like this I think about all of the low-income people I’ve known who can scarcely afford to pay their current bills much less sign up for internet access. I wonder how many years it will take before internet access becomes as common as electricity or water – that is, something virtually everyone in North America can afford?

Comic About Discussions of Sexism on the Internet Provokes Anti-Feminist Backlash, Proves Its Own Point. I don’t remember if I’ve talked about this here before but institutionalized sexism was one of the reasons why I stopped attending church in my late teens. It’s one thing to acknowledge that deep-down one still holds certain prejudices; frankly, I’d be rather wary of anyone who claims to be wholly unaffected by anything. It is quite another to overlook instances of discrimination, interpret them as something good and God-ordained or to say that they don’t exist in the first place.

What have you been reading?

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  1. Twyseschoch

    I love the comic!!!!! 😀

    and the introvert article is good too.

    and the one about books caught my interest.

    and i never answer your questions about what I am reading … I just comment on what you are reading!

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