Suggestion Saturday: October 20, 2012

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, videos, quotes and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

The concept of physical beauty as a virtue is one of the dumbest, most pernicious and destructive ideas of the Western world, and we should have nothing to do with it.- Toni Morrison

Principles of a Good Relationship that I Wish I Had Learned in Kindergarten. I don’t normally link to the same site week after week but Frankin Veaux had another fantastic post several days ago. Once again this link is work-safe but the rest of the site may not be.

From Darger Family is Because:

For us it is important that we are who we are and we remain responsible for who we are. It often takes courage to be authentic. Courage is to be afraid and to do it any way. Most of us when we are in fear are not in action. Where the action is we are not. We become reactive instead of activists in our own lives.

Would Having an “End Date” Help Marriage? I don’t think it would but this is a great discussion.

The world would be a better place if we had more astronomy raps:

This video makes me so grateful for legal, safe and effective birth control. A few generations ago it was much more difficult for women in industrialized countries to choose whether, when and how often they had children. I hope we live to see the day when all women have this kind of autonomy.

Shadows, the sequel I mentioned really looking forward to reading in last week’s Suggestion Saturday, turned out to be a big disappointment. The tone was much darker than I’d expected and while I’m a fan of dystopian stories I don’t like it when characters I’ve grown attached to sink into total hopelessness.

With that being said I can recommend a much better example of this type of fiction, After the Snow. Willo was born years after the ocean currents stopped bringing warm water to North America.  He’s heard a few stories about life before the climate changed so drastically but right now he’s too busy keeping himself alive after being separated from his family. When he stumbles across two orphans also trying to survive on their own the decision he makes changes everything.
What have you been reading?

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  1. tammy

    That man in labor video started my day off with a good laugh.

  2. Aaron

    1) the dark matter rap is dope

    2) i’m #3 on the waiting list for ‘shadows’. i’ll let you know what i think.

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