Suggestion Saturday: September 16, 2017

Here is this week’s list of comic strips, blog posts, short stories, tips for staying healthy over the winter, and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

Sfingi Recipe (Sicilian Doughnut) via ‪LorelleCat‬. Yum! I was also surprised to see that this recipe is 100% dairy free. That’s rare for desserts. I might add powdered sugar to them if I ever make them.

Teen Trees. This made me giggle so much when I first saw it last June that I had to save it to share with you today. This is about the time of year when I start asking my spouse when the trees are going to begin changing colour. If they’re late this year, I’m going to assume that some of them are teenage trees. Haha!

Dyslexia via ‪DarrackMark‬. This post made me look at typos into a new light.

A Call to Arms for Deceased Author’s Rights. What if ghost writers literally worked with ghosts?

Moderate Exercise Can Cut Your Cold Risk in Half. I thought this was fascinating. The cold and flu season will be here soon, so here’s hoping we all stay as healthy as possible through it.

Can Cuss Words Make You More Compassionate? via MayaSpikes. This blogger hit the nail on the head. While I don’t make a habit out of cursing online or in real life, I also don’t see a problem with doing it in general. Sometimes a well-placed curse word is a better way to get your point across than a whole speech.

From Rural Electrification Was a Woman’s Movement:

Women were motivated to get central station electricity in their homes because they, by most measures, had the harder life. They bore and raised children without lights or indoor plumbing. They cooked meals over a woodstove on sweltering summer days, washed clothes by hand, and swept dusty wood floors with calloused hands so often, it seemed to their husbands and children they never put the broom down.

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