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How to Avoid Emotion Dumps

Last week this blog had a series of search engine hits on what to do when other people dump their emotions onto you. I’ve seen this type of behaviour take many forms: extreme anxiety, anger, passive-aggressive comments. A few thoughts on preventing emotion dumps: Mark a Line in The Sand. There is definitely something to… Read More

Dealing with Negative People

Recently I came across a chart describing what to do when other people dump their negative emotions on you. I adore it. It isn’t easy to know how to respond to consistent negativity. After a while the warnings and the gooey layer of fear lurking behind them amalgamate into something similar to what would happen if… Read More

Loophole for the Unforgotten

Toronto is full of pigeons. Most big cities are, I’d imagine. Sometimes we half-jokingly call them sky rats because they’re everywhere and are thought to be dirty and potentially disease and pest-carrying. Last winter I was walking to work when I saw a pigeon run over by a car. It happened in a slow instant. A… Read More