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Taoist Horror Movies

Believe it or not this phrase was a recent search term that lead someone to On the Other Hand. It’s one of those terms that sticks with you. I’d never thought about what a Taoist horror movie would look like or even wondered if there was such a thing. What makes a movie Taoist? Does a… Read More

Five Word Challenge

Lately this blog has been fairly serious. There’s nothing wrong with that but today we’ll try something else. There is a list of five words a little later on in this post. You’re going to do something with them: Write a poem or short story. Make up a humorous song and sing it to the… Read More

Embrace the Shame

As far back as I can remember I’ve lived with one foot in imaginary places. Whenever the world around me quiets down enough for thoughts to form (and sometimes even when it doesn’t) I stitch together stories in my mind. No two have ever been quite alike. If I don’t like the direction a story… Read More

Ceiling Walk

I have a homework assignment for you today. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing: lie down for a minute. (If you’re unable to do that lean back in a comfortable position instead.) What do you see? Do you spy a cottage cheese ceiling? Are there crown mouldings in the corners of the room that you’ve… Read More

The Care and Feeding of Ideas

Every September there is a fantastic book festival here called Word on the Street.  Everyone who values knowledge and the free exchange of ideas belongs there, regardless of age, background or worldview. Imagine a city park filled with booths promoting graphic novels, children’s stories, magazines, literary journals, literacy foundations, religious groups like Muslims and a… Read More

Lucid Dreaming

Once a month or so I have a lucid dream. It used to happen much less often, maybe only a few times a year.  Less often, I’m able to recognize that I’m dreaming and consciously move the storyline in any direction in which I want it to go. Eventually I’d like to lucid dream at least… Read More