The “I’m Not Sick” Game

Christian_Krohg_-_Sick_Girl_-_Google_Art_ProjectStage 1: Oh, my stuffy nose and fits of sneezing are just signs of seasonal allergies.

In January.  In the middle of a cold snap. In between snowstorms. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

Stage 2: A sore throat? I must have slept with my mouth open last night.

No, I do not want any crackers who have suddenly developed very jagged edges or acid-juice.

Stage 3: *cough*

Ouch. That hurt. I think I will breathe more shallowly in the future. There’s no sense in encouraging my lungs to spasm like that again.

Stage 4: Zzzz.

Stage 5: Ok, this might be a cold after all.

Yes, I go through every stage every time I get sick. This is one of those things I can be downright obstinate about.

How about you? Do you find it easy to admit it when you’re sick?

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  1. Opa!

    Grrrrr I’m 10 days into this… Add an urgent care visit and that’s me grrrrr

  2. Michael Mock

    Just hit your stage 5 and called the doctor myself. ::sigh::

  3. Sarah B.

    I had to laugh at this post because I do something similar myself! I’ve had a few colds go through everyone in the house this season, but fortunately we haven’t had to make any trips to the doctor. I’m ready for cold and flu season to be over!

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