The Pier

The Pier

I’ve always liked piers.

It’s beautifully bizarre to stand on a solid surface but also hear water lapping the shore below your feet.

I like how piers connect the land and the water. Normally I wouldn’t step into the muddy or sandy edge of a body of water. This hesitation disappears when I have a dry and mostly clean place to walk.

This photograph reminds me of the piers I’ve known.

My grandfather used to have a nice, little one in the home where he spent some of his retirement. I liked standing on it and watching my brothers fish.

Toronto has several decent sized piers. Every time I visit them, I feel like I’ve stepped into an entirely new world. You don’t generally expect to smell fresh, sea air and hear seagulls scream in the middle of a city, but it happens here.

These were the things I thought about when I first saw this photograph. What did you think about?

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