The Upside of Being a Hypocrite


I participated in a gift exchange this year.

No, I still don’t celebrate Christmas (unless baking chocolate chip cookies somehow counts!)

It was with a small group of people. Bowing out was not something that could have gone unnoticed.

And I didn’t want to be the different one again. Too often I say no to:

  • homemade treats (stupid allergies),
  • church services,
  • get-togethers when I’ve made other plans…

After a while you don’t want to bow out any longer. So I said yes.  The amount we were to spend was small enough that a dollop of creativity was required to come up with a good gift and it was gratifying to figure out what would appeal the most to the recipient in that price range.

Will I do it again next year? No idea.

What I do know is that there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind or bending the rules. Just because something – a label, a belief system, a hunch, a way of doing things- worked really well last time doesn’t mean it will continue to do so tomorrow, next year, or in 2042. And that’s ok.



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  1. Twyseschoch

    I wanna know who was the exception?!

    You don’t have to be a reverse fundamentalist.  you can float around in the middle and change your mind often!  😀

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