U.S. Accent Quiz

This is an amazingly accurate U.S. accent quiz.

It accurately pegged me as someone who spent nearly all of her childhood in the midwest. I’d love to know the results of my U.S. readers, especially those of you who may have lived in more than once subculture. Post your results in the comments.


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6 Responses to U.S. Accent Quiz

  1. tammy

    Toledo, Omaha, and Lincoln. I struggled to answer some cause I use various words …. but it pegged me.

  2. Opa!

    Detroit Toledo and Rockford

  3. tammy

    I took it again. first time was how I speak instinctually and over my lifetime. second time I imagined myself at work in a meeting, or talking to all the people I know who immigrated from other countries. my pronunciation is the same. my vocab is more standard, generic, etc. I knew I had adjusted to phx since moving. my results were Baltimore, Washington DC, and st Louis. with a big correlation with southern California and the southern half of AZ. interesting!

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