What Are Your Bad Habits?

Lindner_-_Thumb_suckingI procrastinate.

I pick at the dry skin around my cuticles.

I worry.

When people suddenly start talking about the visceral details of their various medical conditions, I leave the room. There is never any reason for me to know about anyone’s mucous plugs, weeping sores, or bowel movements.

I hate making telephone calls and will avoid them if at all possible.

Olives and brussels sprouts gross me out. I refuse to eat them.

I fidget.

My mind loves to wander, and I don’t always reign it in.

Sometimes I don’t hold the elevator door open for people who are dawdling in the lobby.

I like to re-watch favourite TV episodes over and over again. This is an especially nice thing to do when I’m exercising or otherwise don’t want to give a show my full attention.

If a book doesn’t grab my attention within a few pages, I stop reading it.

Now you know my bad habits. What are a few of yours?

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