What Do You Miss?

Boats My family lived in a house on a lake for a few years during my childhood.

Our next-door neighbours were so kind. They occasionally let me borrow a canoe or paddleboat so that I could explore the lake.

I wasn’t an athletic kid in the least, but I loved taking those boats around the lake even when it made my arms (or legs) ache from all of the rowing (or paddling). It was fascinating to see other people’s backyards and catch the occasional glimpse of the fish that lived in that lake.

There was a small island that I sometimes visited on nice days as well. It had all kinds of bushes and small trees growing on it. Once I spotted a dog running around on the island and I quickly ran back to my boat before the dog could get anywhere near me. I wasn’t sure if it was friendly, and I didn’t want to find out the hard way that it wasn’t.

I haven’t paddled or rowed in a boat since those summers. It’s something I keep intending to do without actually going through and doing it.

I miss those experiences, though. They were a lot of fun.

What do you miss doing?

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