What Have You Been Indulging In Lately?

whipped coffeeOne of the things that amuses me the most about this time of year is how many different types of desserts suddenly appear in my neighbourhood shops.

There are cookies, cakes, festive candies, pies, fruit cakes, tins of specialty hot chocolate, chocolate bars in a zillion different flavours, boxes of gourmet chocolates, candy canes, and a whole lot of other stuff I’m probably forgetting at the grocery store.

Our local coffee shops always have several seasonal drinks to offer. I can’t drink them because of my dairy allergy, but the combination of chocolate and various other flavours in them always smells so good.

Even our local drug store gets decked out for the holidays. By this time in December, I like to joke that they have more candy there than they have medicine.

I have a fairly strong sweet tooth, but even I get a little overwhelmed by all of the choices there are. This month I actually haven’t had any of my normal, seasonal treats that I typically pick up when they’re available . (Yet, that is. I won’t be sticking to my healthy eating habits 100% this month!)

It’s just too much sugar in too small of a time period. I’d rather spread out my treats evenly throughout the year than over-indulge for a month and then cut out every morsel of sugar and white flour come January 1st.

Not everyone agrees with me, though, which is why I want to hear how you handle this topic.

Regardless of what you do or don’t celebrate at this time of year, what – if anything – do you indulge in? Do you like to eat a lot of sugary things over the holidays and then drastically change your diet, or do you prefer my method of spreading things out? If your indulgence isn’t food or drink related, how do you decide when to experience it?


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