What Would You Do if Money Wasn’t an Issue?

Recently at a coffee shop I overheard two women talking about the future. One was trying to figure out if she should go to graduate school to earn an advanced degree. (Photo by lucidish.)

What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money?” asked the friend. I didn’t hear her response but this is how I’d answer the question:

  • Write.
  • Read.
  • Travel around North America and Europe.
  • Visit my side of the family at least two or three times more often.
  • Move to an apartment or condo that included space for a garden.
  • Provide seed money for other people’s dreams.
  • Volunteer somewhere that would allow me to organize stuff. It wouldn’t matter if I was working with books, files, a kitchen full of dirty dishes, food/clothing donations or something else entirely.

That’s about it. My needs and desires are simple.

Some of the items on this list are easy to accomplish. Others require more money or time than I can afford to spare at the moment.

What I like most about this exercise is that it boils down your life to what really matters. My definition of the good life isn’t going to be the same as someone else’s.


What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? How many of those dreams can you accomplish right now?


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  1. Richard Stebbins

    Almost every time we ask ourselves this question we answer the same way! We would purchase a motor home that was large enough to travel comfortably, and then travel for a year around North America.

     One of my answers was similar to yours. I’d love to be able to finance a start up business for someone with a passion, goal, vision and no money!

    I’d study and write haiku.

    I’d start marbling silk scarves.

    We would retire, and grow produce to give away!

  2. Heather Robb

    There are so many things I would like to do if I had the money. Here are a few I would put at the top:
    – pay off my debts and my family’s debts
    – write (novels, poetry, music)
    – travel all over the world
    – become a foster parent and volunteer with children’s organizations (I already volunteer with our local CF but can’t afford to give the time I would like to)
    – get a driver’s license
    – continue my education (M.Ed., M.S.W.)

  3. My husband and I discuss this on a regular basis.  🙂  Our life would look pretty similar to what does now except David wouldn’t have to work and we would both be in school studying all sorts of different things on and off as we desired for the rest of our lives.  If we could do school online we’d get an RV and live fulltime on the road raising our kids all over he place. 

      • Whatever the hell I wanted.  🙂  I’d probably start with child development (specifically neurological development) because that’s what I’ve been really into the past year or so.  That and world religions which is not only interesting but something I’m only about three semesters shy of a degree in anyway (although the fun of money not being an issue is I don’t have to worry about a degree if I don’t want to).  I’d also take a lot of music classes which I imagine would branch off in the music therapy direction which would cross over into the afore mentioned neurological development studies.  I do freelance calligraphy right now but am self taught… studying formally under someone in that would be really helpful I’d imagine.

        I could go on and on but I’ll spare you.  The glory of it all would be the ability to get formally educated in anything struck my fancy at the time and see where it all took me. 

  4. Aaron Schoch

    I’d read.
    I’d travel — I’d like to take a boat across the ocean.
    I’d go to lectures about science, space & history.
    I’d go to different countries & learn new languages.
    I also like to organize & clean things up —  maybe we could volunteer together!  🙂

  5. Sarah

    get someone to watch my son for an hour or two a day, so I could get something done around here. Or start a quaint little bakery and/or tea shop.

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