Who Is Jonah Skeptic?

Photo credit: Marco Bellucci.

Photo credit: Marco Bellucci.

Jonah Skeptic.

His name showed up in my Google Analytics report recently.

I wish I knew who he really was.

I can’t find anything about him online.

He’s probably not even an actual person, but he sure should be with a name like that. It’s a great one.

I almost let this post die quietly in my queue so I could keep the pseudonym for myself. I barely spend any time writing about religion or atheism, though, and I also think it’s a good thing for women to identify themselves as women online as much as possible.

Are there people who will treat you differently because of this? Of course. But I do think there’s something to be said for standing up and being counted if you’re able to do so.

Jonah Skeptic sounds brash to me. Is he kind of person who veers Thanksgiving dinner conversations into arguments about politics, religion, and money? Does he ask pointed questions about other people’s sex lives when they ask him why he’s still single?

He probably likes to say shocking things for the fun of it and drinks Scotch in front of teetotallers.

No doubt he despises sentimentality in all of its forms….except when it comes to snuggling with his childhood teddy bear, Ursus, at night. No one is ever too cynical or too old for that.

He has a snarky exterior, but I’d bet he’s the kind of person who picked up both of his cats from the local animal shelter.

There’s something satisfying about giving Jonah Skeptic a backstory. It makes him more likeable and me a little less disappointed that he doesn’t already exist. If he ever shows up in my Analytics history again, I’ll add a few more sneak peeks into his past.

What personal mysteries have you solved lately?

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  1. Michael Mock

    He really should have a story, shouldn’t he?

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