Wild Card Wednesday: June 2011 Questions

I’m trying something new here at On the Other Hand. Once or twice a month lighthearted posts will appear on Wednesdays. Today I’ll be responding to questions and queries from the June search logs.


To what extent do you think that people should  be skeptical in their life? To the extent that it prevents them from doing or believing something just because everyone else says it is good.

How to recharge your energy over the weekend? It depends on what recharges you. Solitude, quiet and time spent in nature are my biggest weapons.

What different forms of violence are at work in the song of solomon? It depends on whether you’re thinking about the Toni Morrison novel or the book of the Bible.


Name 5 reasons why writing and reading should be together?

1. Literacy is one of our greatest weapons against prejudice and ignorance.

2. You cannot fully understand someone else’s point of view until you can accurately repeat their beliefs back to them in your own words.

3. Reading great works sharpens your writing skills.

4. Writing can teach you to be compassionate when others make grammatical or stylistic errors. It’s so easy to overlook a mistake.

5. The knowledge needed for both of these things overlaps widely. Teaching one without the other would be like encouraging people who have two legs to walk on only one of them.

Why should you lurk? You don’t have anything valuable to say.

Do you know a negative person? Yes.


Can communist[s] wear makeup? Yes.

Do quiet people ever change to talkative person? Yes. Talkative people also sometimes change.

What body wash makes you feel fresh? Dear search engines: why would you ever direct people looking for body wash to the blog of someone who uses very few scented product? It doesn’t make sense!


Why do I take compliments too seriously? Maybe you put too much emphasis on what others think of you?

As a Christian should you keep company of negative people? Why would the answer to this be any different than it would be for people from any other set of beliefs?

Can you read quiet people with music or body language? Only if you take us out to dinner first. 😉


How to dump a negative person? Say “it’s not you, it’s me.”

I feel like I know what people are thinking. If I ever had this feeling it would be accompanied by an equally strong urge to find out if I was right.

Product placement in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve never noticed any.


I hope you will consider how your response can counter rather than reinforce the cycles of violence that spin around us. Excellent advice!

How characters came about. This is a great question to ask a writer. Sometimes there are fantastic stories behind a particular scene or character.

Just because you choose to no longer be friends doesn’t mean you need to be enemies. Agreed. There are many shades of grey between the two.


I want to have some enemies. Wow, I have no advice for you. I’ve never sought out this sort of relationship.

I want to eat free range products but can’t afford itTeresa might be able to teach you how to grow your own.

There are quiet people watching you. Probably, yes.


Someone showing quiet hands. Dare I ask what quiet hands are or why one would show them?

Learn to be less irritated. Meditation.

The ethics of stealing from whole foods. Unethical.


Rhetorical answer for “what’s your religion?” Jedi.

How much more expensive is ethically raised meat? It depends on where you live and how much freezer space and spare cash you have available. Buying half or a quarter of a cow can be extremely economical over the course of a year.


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5 Responses to Wild Card Wednesday: June 2011 Questions

  1. 4. Writing can teach you to be compassionate when others make grammatical or stylistic errors. It’s so easy to overlook a mistake. … ” Solitude, quiet and time spend in nature are my biggest weapons.” … spent? 😉

  2. teresa

    Some of these are very thought provoking and get my mind working. Others are so hilarious! I love your comments to them. I’m glad I have a friend who is this creative and just plain fun. Yes, Lydia, I consider you a fun person!! 🙂

    I’m really curious about “the ethics of stealing from whole foods” though. Was this in reference to the store Whole Foods…or what? hmmm

    I think I just may use your Jedi comment if you don’t mind sharing. I think it works for me! lol

    I truly DO believe anyone can afford to eat organic and free range. You have to be creative and think outside the box and be willing to make sacrifices in other areas. If it means enough to you, there is a way!

    OMG!! LOL…Can communists wear make up? Can Jedi?

    • Aww, thanks. I appreciate that, Teresa! (and I hope you don’t mind that I’ve appointed you the official organic/free range food expert in my circle of friends. :D) 

      As far as I know this hasn’t happened in your neck of the woods yet but up here in Toronto there are extremely expensive grocery stores that cater to people who only want to eat organic and/or ethically-raised food. If I shopped there exclusively I could _easily_ triple or quadruple my grocery bill each week. Unfortunately I think this is what pops into the heads of many people when they hear words like organic even though there are so many cheaper ways to go about doing it!

      “Was this in reference to the store Whole Foods…or what?”

      I assume so. Shoplifting is one of those crimes that really, really bothers me. Stealing even the smallest item from a so-called “faceless” company is just as wrong as smashing your neighbour’s window and helping yourself to their possessions. There’s absolutely no excuse for it.

      Jedi is my new favourite answer for that question. I do believe we are allowed to wear as much or as little makeup as we’d like to wear. 😉

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