1000 Words: The Chair

 A chair sits in the woods.

Drew and I stumbled across it a few months ago.

I still wonder why anyone would go through the trouble of bringing exactly one dining room chair into the woods and then leaving it there.

Did a painter need a place to sit?

Are there other chairs from this set in other forests?

Was it a prank?

What do you think?










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  1. Jesseschoch

    maybe bears are evolving and now prefer to not sit on the ground with their afternoon berries??

  2. I left it there after it was banished from our dining room.  It knows what it did.

  3. Flat Stanley

    it is important, when contemplating suicide, to also contemplate aloneness. A dining room chair separated from its social environment is a nice metaphor for that.

    *disclaimer. that’s just the thought that came to mind, no, the author is not contemplating harm to self or others.

  4. You’re all so creative! I love it. 🙂

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