Wild Card Wednesday: Fall 2011 Links

A few times each year I post a list of blogs and other websites that have snagged my attention over the past few months. 

Celebrate What’s Right.

Ok, I’ll admit it. Some of the quotes and photographs on this blog are a little too sentimental. A few are even downright cheesy. I adore the concept of celebrating everything that is right in this world, though. We need more of this.

Long Form.

A blog full of links to long articles on a variety of topics. This is one of my favourite sites to visit when I’m running low on library books.

Make Everything Ok.

What if you had a magic button that made everything ok?

Now you do! 😉

The Illiterate Scribe.

From Matthew’s About page:

So with a certain feeling of humility I come to pick up my pen. I may fancy myself a scribe, but I’m reasonably sure I’m illiterate.

But I’ll tell you stories anyway. And I’ll try my hand at reviewing those that others have told me. Maybe you’ll see a bit of the world as I see it. Maybe not. At least I pray that you will be entertained.

We Are the 99 Percent.

I don’t care which political parties you follow or where you live – these stories could happen anywhere and to any of us.

Random Acts of Kindness.

A website dedicated to inspiring people to be kind to one another. It offers a long, ever-growing list of suggested acts of kindness.

What are your favourite new sites?

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