20 Questions from the Search Logs

Earlier this week my friend Bruce posted answers to 30 questions that have lead people to his blog through Internet searches. Today I’m borrowing his idea. The questions have been minimally edited for better comprehension. If you continue this meme leave a comment and I’ll add a link to your post at the end of this one.

1. How do you tell a charity not to ask for donations anymore? The next time they contact you ask to be taken off their list. If that doesn’t work speak to the highest person in command you can contact or block their telephone number or email.

2. How to solicit charitable donations? Don’t exaggerate the truth but do be cheerful and respectful of those who don’t want to contribute.

3. Techniques on how to get donations over the phone? This is one of the most irritating ways to solicit. Don’t do it.

4. How frequently to solicit donors? I’m not an expert on these matters but I vote for annually. It’s predictable and just infrequent enough that I’ll (probably) at least listen to your spiel.

5. Is everyone born with privileges? No but the vast majority of us have at least a few.

6. How does our privilege contribute to injustice? It contributes in a few different ways: 1) it’s easy to forget that not everyone has the same advantages, 2) it can make some people so fearful of losing privileges when injustice ends that they fight to keep it going, and 3) sometimes our comfort numbs us to the suffering of others.

7. Why can I only wear makeup occasionally? I don’t know.

8. Any really really quiet people out there? Yes!

9. Are quiet people snobs? No more so than any other group.

10. Do really quiet people have social anxiety? Some do but there are also talkative people who are socially anxious and quiet and talkative people who don’t have any social anxiety.

11. How to get to know what people are thinking? Asking them is the most obvious answer. For a more subtle approach, listen to what they talk about and observe what they do and who they associate with in their spare time. People with similar ideas are often drawn to one another.

12. What is an omnivert? Someone who is energized both by spending time alone and by being in a crowd of people. Some people switch between the two while others need both kinds of interaction regularly to be their best selves.

13. Why are quiet people quiet? It’s part of our natural personalities. Not everyone is born with an endless stream of words pouring out of his or her mind. 🙂

14. What do people mean when they say “it’s always the quiet ones”? It refers to the idea that people are often surprised by what  quiet people say or do because so much of what is going on in our heads is never expressed to the outside world. This phrase has a slight negative connotation in my mind as it is sometimes used to infer that quiet people are more likely to be violent.

15.What cognitive disability does Lennie Small have? I know he was mildly mentally delayed but to the best of my knowledge Of Mice and Men never mentions a specific syndrome or diagnosis.

16. Can one be too skeptical? Yes.

17. Are pets excluded from heaven? It wouldn’t be heaven without them.

18. How to stop reading the news? Unsubscribe from your local paper and cable provider, remove all news sites from your RSS feed and plan to do something else with your newfound free time.

19. Why people should receive compliments? Assuming that they’re sincere and don’t come with any strings attached they can make you feel better on bad days.

20. What is a non-theistic person? Someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of any gods.

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  1. Interesting questions and answers.

    This is fun. In today’s logs I saw “is it OK to spank my baby” I don’t want to answer it. I want to call the police.

  2. I especially liked #6, #11, and #13.

    Believe it or not I’m actually pretty quiet. I always have thoughts rambling around in my head I just don’t always think anybody else wants to hear them nor do I always want to tell anyone else my thoughts. I do have an endless stream of thoughts going on in my head, they just don’t pour out of my mouth.

    • Interesting. I’d never pictured you as quiet before.

      Now that you mention it I have near-constant thoughts, too. They just don’t generally make it to the saying-out-loud stage. 😀

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