25 Questions from the Search Logs

Here are some of the most memorable questions that have recently lead new visitors to On the Other Hand through search engines queries. A few have been lightly edited for clarity. Once again I’m happy to add links at the top of this post to blogs who continue this meme!

1. How to keep track of reasons? Intangible ideas feel more real to me when I write them down.

2. Is there a cure for nostalgia? No.

3. Is it unprofessional not to wear makeup? Only if you’re a time traveller from the 1950s and/or also expect male employees to lipstick up.

4. What is a whimper? The official answer: a soft cry. I prefer this bit of Ogden Nash poetry, though: “Hark to the whimper of a sea-gull./ He weeps because he’s not an ea-gull./ Suppose you were, you silly sea-gull./Could you explain it to your she-gull?”

5. In today’s world why do we treat others differently because of what religion they are?It’s easier to make up (or to believe) stories about someone you don’t understand than it is to step into their shoes.

6. Is there too much violence in the media? Rhetorical question? Yes. Rhetorical answer.

7. Is nontheism wrong? No. Non-rhetorical answer.

8. What to say when a girl compliments your strength? Thank you.

9.  Love stories about quiet people? I’m not romantic enough to write love stories.

10. Shouldn’t sex be more acceptable? Assuming it’s consensual – yes.

11. Is celebrating Osama’s death wrong? It is according to my moral code. Your results may vary.

12. What does fresh paint smell like? I’ve always thought it had a sickly-sweet undertone. It makes me feel ill after a little while, though, so I haven’t had a proper whiff of it in years.

13.  Benefits of eating animal products? Bacon.

14. How to have faith when you’re suffering? I didn’t even know how to answer this question when I was a Christian. If I knew who you were I’d offer a warm hug and a sympathetic ear, though!

15. What body wash makes you smell like fresh air? Fresh air doesn’t have an aroma.

16. What parents can do to teach their child about discrimination? Don’t be afraid to talk about your own experiences. Genuinely listen to the stories of others even if what they have to say is hard to hear.

17. How much does Bruxy Cavey earn? I don’t know.

18. Why is nudity more offensive than mutilation? Our society is seriously messed up.

19. How to silence someone with only your mind? At times I’m so focused on meditating, writing or reading that I’m unaware of anything else. Try this with your favourite activity. It won’t stop them from making noise but it will help you not to hear it!

20. How the mind of a talkative person differ[s] from a quiet person? Talkative people share 82% more of the thoughts* tumbling through their minds.

21. List of one word compliments? This sounds like a homework assignment. I hope it went well.

22. Is it true that quiet people are always thinking? This one is.

23. Skills we get from the Internet? It depends on what sites you visit. A few examples:

Twitter: brevity.

Message boards (any): patience.

Youtube: the ability to be easily amused.

24. With my friends I am the most quiet, they are all very talkative. How to be more like them? Massage the conversation in the direction of topics on which you have a strong opinion.

25. Is silence better than talkativeness? It depends on what you were planning to say.

*Not a real statistic. It would be fascinating to know the real number, though!

Please Rephrase Your Inquiry in the Form of a Question

This is a new section for amusing search terms or phrases not written in the form of a question. In no particular order:

Chatter like a magpie. On rare occasions you can actually catch me doing this.

Evil non-theism. I don’t know if my visitor wanted examples of non-theists who did horrible things or if s/he wanted to know what we have to say about other people who do horrible things. Any guesses?

Sights and sounds of my youth. If only memories could be whipped into more tangible things. I’d love to do an Internet search on some of my childhood haunts based on how I remember them.

Draw out the quiet ones and control the more talkative ones. I hate it when well-meaning people try to draw me out or thump down the cheerful conversationalists. Not everyone needs to be squished into the middle of the bell curve.

There are many kids in the park playground. As long as no one is being hurt this is wonderful. Playgrounds were the backdrop to some of my happiest memories growing up.

The quiet person is the one that usually knows the best. Yeesh, no pressure there! 😉




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  1. Aaron

    “I hate it when well-meaning people try to draw me out or thump down the
    cheerful conversationalists. Not everyone needs to be squished into the
    middle of the bell curve.”


  2. I love looking at the search logs. Amazing, strange, awful questions please ask the Google god.

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