5 Things I Am Too Old For

The idea for this post came from RageMichelle’s post 8 Things I Am Too Old For. She asked her readers to add to this list in her article, and I am more than happy to oblige that request.

I am too old to:

Wear makeup. There are excellent reasons why I stopped wearing it so soon after I started. It’s not something I ever plan to wear again. Life is so much nicer without it.

Stop for street hustlers. Toronto is full of people who want to introduce you to a new religion, collect donations for dubious charities, and sell you anything from used books to pencils to artwork. I have no time or energy to listen to any of these spiels.

Debate strangers online. Some people seem to thrive on getting into endless arguments about all kinds of topics online. I’m not one of them. I’ve never seen anyone’s mind change as a result of one of these fights. If anything, it seems to solidify whatever position you’ve already chosen regardless of what the topic is or what the evidence says. This isn’t even to mention that there are so many other ways to spend your free time. I’d much rather learn something about another planet that I hadn’t known before or make a new friend instead.

Explain things to people who don’t want to listen. Not everything in life needs to be  explained in full detail. Sometimes no is both a complete sentence and a final answer.

Accept gender roles I never signed up for. For example, I’m not a big fan of cooking fussy holiday dishes at all. I definitely don’t make them on short notice or simply because it’s expected of me due to the fact that I’m a woman. Cooking is only something I find enjoyable when I’m doing it without all of the added pressure to be a “proper” woman that can accompany big holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What are you too old to do?

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  1. worrying what anyone else thinks about how i live my life…
    ..pity it took me 50+ years to get to that point…but it comes with the added benefit of not worrying about how anyone else “chooses” to live THEIR life.

    on a recent 1/2way across the country trip wherein i transformed 5 twitter “friends” to friends irl an interesting event happened.
    i won’t go into details, as they aren’t the issue; but i was asked: “what should i do”
    and i just threw my hands up…stepped back & shook my head.
    later i apologized…but then explained: “i don’t know what i should be doing w/my life so there is NO way i can tell you how you should live yours. in the future feel fee to ask me ‘what would you do in this situation’ and i’ll be glad to tell you.

    thought provoking topic as always…

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